Cloward Construction was started by Burke Cloward back in the 1950s. He was one of a select few building contractors in the building industry at that time. He worked hard and made honesty his policy, feeling that it was the only way to do business. As the business has been passed down from generation to generation, we, too, feel that honesty is the most important quality to have in order to succeed in our business.

The goal of our company is to reach out to the many people that we have served in the past, and let them know that we still want to build Utah County. We also want those who are not familiar with our company to see that quality, like ours, is worth seeking out.

As a general contractor company, we do all sorts of different projects and we owe a lot to our team of sub-contractors that work alongside us in these projects. We focus on making sure that at the end of each project our clients have had their needs met, have felt satisfied with the quality of craftsmanship, and have had a good relationship with their builders through the construction process. Although we don’t expect any of our clients to be disappointed because of our commitment to quality work, we work with clients to make sure that they are able to get the best deal for their budget.

Our clients vary from young married couples to clients who have trusted our company to build their homes for many years. No matter which client we work for, we do our best to make sure that everyone’s needs are met throughout Utah, Salt Lake, Wasatch, and Summit Counties.

We hope that throughout the course of construction and all the way up to the final payment, our clients can see the materials used and the labor that goes into their project, and that they will willingly settle any payments due. That has been our experience thus far. We build great relationships with our clients, and let them know that we will not collect (or expect to collect) our final payment until the completion is satisfactory to them. We do not require any up-front payment, and draw only once a month on our billing cycle.

Our hope is that after being in the building industry for many decades and understanding the challenges homeowners often face, that we have the knowledge and expertise to help all our clients with whatever problems they encounter during the building process.