You Gave Us Your Best Work

“Steve and I are deeply grateful for your incredible effort to create a beautiful home for his parents. I think the scope of the project and the short time frame would have made the project impossible except for the fact that you were in charge. I don’t know another contractor who would have even attempted it. I kept fearing you were going to be forced to say it couldn’t happen because the project seemed to get progressively more complicated as the days went by and the time got shorter. I am amazed by the fact that you did not say “no” to a single request. And, you kept the schedule. We feel like you gave us your best work and that the quality of your work was never sacrificed for the schedule. In many ways, this was a miraculous project. Many individuals came through for us. Not one of them owed us a favor. I think that there was an upbeat, happy energy there. I feel like that tone was set by you. I never saw you get uptight or frustrated on the job and that carried through to the others that were helping.

So many elements came together under your direction and it created a remarkable atmosphere to work in. Steve and I could not be more impressed. We are so grateful to you!”

Steve and Camille Chipman
Attention To Detail Is Unmatched

“Craig Cloward is one of the best builders I’ve ever worked with. I would never use a different builder to build my home. His attention to detail is unmatched and what I most appreciated was his perfectionism to make sure that every aspect of building my home was taken care of. Additionally Craig has always been very prompted fixing any minor warrantied item after the home was built. He has incredible integrity and awesome to work with.”

Todd and Diana Telford
His Skill And Expertise…Made My House A Home

“Craig Cloward is a wonderful builder. My experience in having him build my home was more than I could hope for. His skill and expertise in the technical aspects of his trade are what has made my house a home. I so admire the attention to detail. He was always willing to listen to my ideas and to make them a reality. I take great pride in my house, in part because Craig took pride in building it. My family has had Clowards build our homes for three generations. And I will continue to come to Craig for all of my building/repair needs. “

Takes The Time To See That Things Are Done Right

“During 1998 we had a major building project at our residence in Midway, UT. The contractor for that project was Craig Cloward of Cloward Construction Co. Inc. Our experience with Craig Cloward has always been one of great satisfaction. He is a contractor who takes the time to see that things are done right and completed in a timely manner. He pays attention to detail and sees that things are corrected if they are not to his satisfaction or to us the consumer’s satisfaction. We noted that he works well with all of his sub-contractors and is respected by them. In addition to the major construction project of the building we had completed, he also did finishing work and cabinet work on the project. Again his work is excellent and is quality work. In addition, Craig Cloward is an individual of complete integrity and never tried to take advantage of us the consumer. We will have him do any additional work we might need in the future.”

Lowell J. Robinson, CPA