Building With Style and Honesty

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Are you remodeling your home? Building new? Cloward Construction Co builds with style and honesty. Building with honesty is where we thrive. We can handle a numerous range of projects from sprucing up your kitchen to starting from nothing. There are no short cuts with Cloward Construction Co. We do things right the first time. Competitive pricing is up front and there are no hidden costs or fees. Everything is customizable. We offer custom design and architecture. Spend some time with us and tell us what you would like and we do all the work.

Remodeling your home can be very stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Feeling a little outdated? Is it time to update your home to be more energy efficient and “green?” Do you want to have a more modern feel to your home? These are just a few types of projects that we can help you with. From the start to finish of you remodel, whether it is simple or more complex, we will make sure you can continue to live in your home during the remodel process. During construction things will be kept neat, orderly, and free of debris so your lifestyle is not disrupted.

We can also help you with building a brand new home. A new home is a life changing experience. We strive for excellent customer service, which eliminates a lot of stress. Building a new home with Cloward Construction Co is building with style and honesty. We have answers to all of your questions and clarification for all of your uncertainties. The quality of our new builds are excellent and there are no short cuts taken. Customize your home with a specialist that will hand draw your plans. We want to meet with you as many times as necessary to make sure no detail is missed.

Whether you decide it is time to remodel your home or build a new one, we are always on schedule with completion times. During the building process, communication is key! Ensuring that the client is satisfied, stress free, and gets the best results is what we strive for. We take pride in our work and customer service. At Cloward Construction Co we build strong relationships with our customers. We are up to date with our technology and true to keeping things economical and green. Work with us and we can help you have the home of your dreams. Cloward Construction Co; building with style and honesty.


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